Get to know us


Hi! We’re Amanda Hall and Chelsea Haddad, the founders of Laughing Tansy. All of our products are handmade by us in beautiful Savannah Ga. We created the company because we both feel strongly about the importance of using clean ingredients to care for skin. We are both very passionate about the healing power of herbs, and Chelsea, a trained herbalist, brings an extensive herbal knowledge to the formulation process to harness the power of plants in making safe and effective products. We are also on a mission to change the narrative of the beauty industry. We want to make caring for ourselves a celebration, not an exercise in self-loathing that the beauty industry often promotes to sell products. 

Our aim is to HAVE FUN, SPREAD FUN, and make products that are FUN TO USE and bring joy to people’s lives and nourishment to their skin. 

<3 Amanda and Chelsea