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“You don't stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”


What is holistic herbal skincare?

Herbs have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties. Using herbs puts us in touch with nature and our primal self. Not only can herbs be healing for the body, they can also support our emotions and spiritual well-being. Sustainable self love is vital to our mental and emotional health. Chelsea, our herbalist, formulates our products carefully choosing herbs to nourish our skin to and enhance our sense of wellbeing.

Meet Chelsea and Amanda

Laughing Tansy believes in combining a holistic lifestyle with a herb derived approach to make a happy, healthy product. Amanda Hall and Chelsea Haddad describe their place in the market as herbal skincare with an emphasis on fun and laughter, with both environmental wellbeing and ritual building in mind. Laughing Tansy champions looking after oneself in the present for longevity, instead of keeping up with passing beauty trends.

Chelsea Haddad earned her master’s degree in therapeutic herbalism, bringing with her to Laughing Tansy the knowledge to develop safe, yet impactful, products. The company is emphasizing their outlook on the importance of loving yourself and supporting healthy skin function, a rebuttal to the inescapable anti-aging messages that flood their industry. 

"I love the amazing quality of the ingredients. I never worry about what's going on my skin with Laughing Tansy products. Knowing that I'm using healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly products is super important to me and I feel like this company really has the integrity that so many skin care brands lack."

Lynn Bannon

Laughing Tansy products are thoughtfully curated with love in every drop.

Lenon, owner of Spa Bleu in Savannah

“Laughing Tansy does not mess around when it comes to the quality of their products. I'm not one to normally write a review on products because I try so many. But this is truly amazing and you will see results, that I promise. You have to see for yourself and try their Royal Tansy Face Mask.”

Nina Chernyak