How to adapt your skincare routine for the changing season

How to adapt your skincare routine for the changing season

Dear Skincare Enthusiast,

As we step into fall and welcome the season’s delights, we are reminded that with cooler weather comes the heavy price our skin must pay. Oh yes— we still have our random bouts of heat, making us regret dusting off our last year’s fall collection of cardigans and leggings, only to be forced back into them as soon as the evening cools off once more. However, as fickle as our weather may be, it is imperative that our skincare can adapt. If you have not been alerted of the seasons’ change by the copious variations of the widely beloved pumpkin spice— then you were certainly alerted of the change by the dryer, duller texture your skin has embodied in the wake of such a weather change. Fear not dear reader, for there is a simple solution to this problem.

The answer is simply to have a solid skincare routine. Chances are, if you find yourself reading this article, you have given the state of your skin a little bit of thought. Indeed, whether you are enjoying your regular coffee with an autumn twist, or lighting your favorite fall candle, you can be sure that no amount of seasoned squash can prepare your skin for the stress it is about to endure from the changing seasons. You may be wondering if that you are currently doing at home is enough. But what is enough? Let’s dive into that a bit … shall we? I hope you’re cozying up in your favorite blanket with a freshly brewed cup of pumpkin chai because this bit of advice might surprise you.

As women, most of us have been told all of our lives that doing more is always decidedly better. We do more to be considered equal to the man next to us, we do more to show our children’s teachers, other parents, and ourselves that we are qualified and decent mothers; we do more when we do not have children, to explain to the world why we do not have them, and we do more because we were taught that doing more means having more. Well, I think we can agree that recent generations are moving mountains to destroy that archaic idea, but we don’t need a Joan of Arc to tell us that sometimes less is more. If you haven’t heard this before, then let me be the first to tell you that your skincare routine is no different. Less is more.

When choosing a line of skin care to be dedicated to, the most important part of the routine is the actual ingredients in the product you are using. If you have tried and failed to dedicate yourself to a specific skin care product, it is seldom because the bottles they come in weren’t aesthetically pleasing enough, or because you simply didn’t have the time for it, but usually, because the product does not yield successful results or the multi-step process is too daunting. Let me tell you, a successful skincare routine should not be complicated. As I said, less is more. With Laughing Tansy, the herbalist formulated skin-care company created by two empowered women, the products were designed with natural, sustainable, and effective ingredients to do more so you don’t have to.

No matter how you identify in the world, skin is skin. This powerful skin-care line was made to be suitable for everyone. With ingredients that are packed full of antioxidants, this simple routine will leave your skin soft, plump, and better protected against the environment's stressors. Especially with the changing seasons, you picked the perfect time to begin your fall traditions with a gentle and simple skin-care routine. 

Let’s start with the basics:

Cleanse your skin: This is to get rid of dirt and impurities from your skin so that you don’t break out with acne or blackheads. 

Cleanse again: This is one of the more essential rules, so if you haven’t been doing this, try it and take notice of the difference in your skin. Double-cleansing will ensure you get rid of all the makeup and dirt from your skin, giving you a fresh canvas for all of the really important ingredients to soak into. Remember when I said less was more? This is the exception to the rule— always double cleanse.

24 Carrot Amber Eye Serum: I like to apply this serum first as the skin around the eye is very thin and takes a little longer to soak in. Apply to start from the outer crow's feet of the eye, moving in toward the inner corner of the eye. Be careful to keep this on the skin and not on the inside of the eye. Moving inward instead of outward will prevent you from tugging delicate skin. Another way to apply this serum is to swipe inward, as previously directed, and then using the ring finger, dab serum into the skin. Always use the ring finger, as the other digits have too much pressure and can be harsh enough to stretch and pull skin. Made with Carrot seed and Sea Buckthorn, this eye serum supports collagen production and helps nourish and revitalize the skin.

Amber Glow Antioxidant Face Serum: Laughing Tansy has created this serum to be an all-in-one formula. It leaves your skin soft, hydrated, plump, and ready to take on the changing seasons! This is a powerhouse formula made with a proprietary blend of antioxidants and infused with amber. It is also a personal favorite— leaving the skin post-facial dewy without being greasy. Use your fingers to press the serum into your skin for better penetration.

Sun Dew Waterless Face Lotion: Always follow up your serums with a moisturizer. This locks in the powerful ingredients from your serum and keeps your skin soft and hydrated all day long. Laughing Tansy is currently an anhydrous skincare line, meaning there is no water in the products. Why is that important? Water in skin-care products allows for bacteria, fungus, and mold to grow. To avoid this, skin-care companies must add preservatives to the products to avoid the growth of these harmful microorganisms. Sun Dew Waterless Face Lotion is like soft butter, made with powerful botanicals meant to soothe and calm dry and irritated skin. Together, these products keep your skin refreshed, hydrated, and supple, and are made with ingredients meant to combat environmental stressors like the sun, pollution, and dirt.

Sunscreen: While Laughing Tansy has not yet formulated some of the products we recommend you use, such as a cleanser and a sunscreen, we recognize that using a sunscreen is one of the most important steps in a skincare routine. No matter the season, wearing your sunscreen daily is a must. While antioxidants can help protect against free-radical damage, using a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher is the best protection against UVA and UVB rays. Remember that: UVA = Aging rays cause wrinkles making 90% of aged skin due to sun exposure and the other 10% due to intrinsic factors. UVB = Burning rays play a key role in developing skin cancer.

Look for a broad spectrum SPF so that it covers both of these bases, along with the words “Mineral”. Mineral sunscreens are better for you and the environment as the minerals do not break down our coral reef the way chemical sunscreens do. They also sit on the skin and form a reflective barrier against the sun’s rays, whereas chemical sunscreens disperse heat underneath the skin and can cause irritation and hyperpigmentation.

Having both a mineral sunscreen of more than 30 SPF and powerful antioxidants like the ones in Laughing Tansy products is the best defense against sun trauma.

The best way to remember your skincare routine is to remember what it does/means:

  • Cleansing is for cleaning
  • Serums correct skin
  • Moisturizers protect skin

Last but not least— DO YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE MORNING AND NIGHT. With a routine as simple as this, making a priority of your skincare should be a simple, three-minute process that you can accomplish just in time to grab that pumpkin chai latte in the morning or just before binging another evening episode of Dancing With The Stars. Now, my dear skincare enthusiasts— I leave you with all the knowledge you need in order to start your dedicated skincare routine and protect your skin as much as possible against the changing weather. Be blessed my friends, I hope your fall is sweeter than a full-sized candy bar!

With love from your Esti bestie,



We’re excited to introduce you to Natalie Evans, licensed esthetician and Laughing Tansy's Arizona representative. She is also a massage therapist and has been a part of the wellness industry for five years. She is extremely passionate about skincare, especially natural and organic skincare because of it's effectiveness and safety over the long term. She has worked in a variety of clinical and spa based settings as well med spas. Her focus and passion is on skincare ingredients and how they affect the skin. 


Laughing Tansy is a women-owned, herbalist-formulated skincare company based out of Savannah, GA. Their mission is to support healthy, nourished, vibrant skin by infusing their products with healing herbs.


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