Papaya Honey Enzyme Mask

Papaya Honey Enzyme Mask

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Renew dull, dehydrated skin with a vibrant glow.

At first, we considered calling it a Zombie Mask because it eats dead skin off your face, but we chose a different approach. We named it breakdown because:

  1. It’s totally normal to have breakdowns from time to time and we are here for it. 
  2. That’s what this enzyme mask does. It gently breaks down protein in dead skin cells and lightly exfoliates. It improves circulation, tone, texture, and smoothness of the skin to give it the fresh start it deserves.

Ingredients:  Honey, Papaya, Red Clay, Rose, Laughing Tansy Infused Glycerine blend, Royal Jelly


Leave on no longer than 20 min based on sensitivity. Rinse face thoroughly with a soft warm washcloth. Thoroughly rinse hands afterwards. 

Use no more the 2x a week on the same treated area.

Recommended: Patch test before using.

Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and lips. Keep out of reach of children. Protect skin from direct sun for 24 hours after use.